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Photographers & Storytellers

VISIONS & STORIES Photography and Storytelling Festival

Visions & Stories is Marrakech’s first 4-day Festival dedicated to Photography and Storytelling where these two worlds collide bringing the history, stories and imagery of the red city to life. The ancient Moroccan tradition Hikayat or storytelling is a dying art and form of entertainment that has been part of Moroccan culture for over a thousand years. Historically drawing big crowds, storytellers perform old tales woven with riddles and moral messages. In an attempt to keep the tradition alive, Cafe Clock launched their storytelling programme in 2014 headed by the esteemed master storyteller Hajj Ahmed Ezzarghani to teach apprentices the art of telling stories.

For the first time, we offer the opportunity for the apprentices – now storytellers in their own right to come together and collaborate with international storytellers and photographers to share their knowledge. Photography is instrumental in creating the visual imagery of stories and we will follow the lens that will capture the magic of the winding streets of the Marrakech medina, bringing these stories to life. The Festival aims to develop cross-cultural understanding through these two disciplines through the sharing of photographs and stories.

Activities include photography walks, storytelling workshops & performances, bicycle stories, music & more. Come participate and share your photographs and stories with us!


Storytelling Night – ليلة الحكاية الشعبية

Come join us for the opening night of the festival. An evening of diverse storytelling. MOROCCAN - CELTIC - NORDIC Storytelling.

انضموا إلينا في الليلة الافتتاحية لسرد قصص مشوقة.

رواية قصص مغربية، إسكتلندية نرويجية.

Storytelling Workshop

Come join us to learn the magic art of storytelling with professional storytellers from Morocco and Norway. Develop skills in public speaking, the art of improvising, writing and translating stories. Taking place at the GLC - Global Language Center. Free, but places are limited. Book via

Storytelling Workshop ورشات تكوينية لرواة القصص

Learn the magic art of storytelling with professional storytellers from Morocco and Norway. Develop your skills in public speaking, the art of improvising, writing and translating stories. Taking place at the ILC. Two workshops are available. Sign up for English or Arabic. Free, but places are limited. Please book via تعلموا فن سرد القصص مع رواة قصص محترفين من المغرب والنرويج. تعالوا لتنمية مهاراتكم في الخطابة، فن الارتجال وخلق قصصكم الخاصة.*الورشتان متاحتان باللغة الإنجليزية أو العربية. مجاناالأماكن المتاحة محدودة.الاشتراك عبر  

Photo-editing Masterclass

Join us and master the photo editing process with Anas and Ali Mussee Des La Femmes

Strings & Stories – a night of Hikayat & music أوتار وقصص – ليلة من الحكايات والموسيقى

Come join us for an evening of storytelling and music in the beautiful setting of the Musee de Mouassine. Settle in as we traverse to the heart of the museum,  where the intricate and awe-inspiring douiria - a 16-17th century apartment is the perfect setting for a magic evening of Storytelling and Music. Expect compelling stories from Morocco, the UK and Norway, whilst the music by Sahara Sounds offers a unique blend of North African rhythms bringing the evening to life.   انضموا إلينا في متحف المواسين الخلاب، حيث توفر الهندسة المعمارية من القرن 17-16 المكان المثالي لأمسية ساحرة من القصص والموسيقى. توقعوا قصصًا مثيرة، بينما تقدم المجموعة الموسيقيةSahara Sounds  مزيجًا فريدًا من الإيقاعات تميز شمال إفريقيا لإحياء الأمسية.

Portraiture Photography workshop

Anas Ouaadidy, is a content creator and filmmaker born & based in Morocco. He is passionate about sharing his visuals with the world through the inspirations of Morocco. Limited seats ; 15 only. Book now by sending a message with your phone number to Venue: Mussee Des La Femmes

KAN YA MAKAN كان يا مكان – The Art of Storytelling

KAN YA MAKAN كان يا مكان - The Art of Storytelling talk digs deep into the the magic art of storytelling at a crossroads between different cultures. We will be joined by local and international storytellers who will discuss various aspects of storytelling, sharing their stories and performance style. The talk will cover topics such as how theatre can bring stories to life, the important ingredients that make a good story, the challenges of translation and more. (more…)

Storytelling Workshop ورشات تكوينية لرواة القصص

Come join us to learn the magic art of storytelling with professional storytellers from Morocco and Norway. Develop skills in public speaking, the art of improvising, writing and translating stories. Taking place at the GLC - Global Language Center. Free, but places are limited.  Book via تعلموا فن سرد القصص مع رواة قصص محترفين من المغرب والنرويج. تعالوا لتنمية مهاراتكم في الخطابة، فن الارتجال وخلق قصصكم الخاصة.

Photography Tour

Join Confluence's photographers as they take you for a tour through the winding hidden streets of the medina where you will discover perfect photographic moments in the magic of the medina's hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Live music – L’Houariyat: famous women’s music of Marrakech

“Keeping the tradition alive”... Join us tonight to meet “the singing ladies” or Houariyat as they are commonly known here in Morocco. This spiritual trance music - with Arab, Berber, Saharian, and Jewish roots - is transmitted from mothers to daughters as they sing about love, God, family and life in general. Sit, hear it and feel it until the beat gets you up on the dance floor. And who knows, they may just dedicate a song to you before the evening ends.  

Halqa Performance – Jamma el Fna داء الحلقة

Join us as Master storyteller Al-Azzalia invites us into his second home, the famous square Jamaa El Fna, the heart of storytelling in Morocco. He will perform alongside his daughter Hajiba, a storyteller in her own right. Special performances will also be performed by Clock Storytellers, Storysquad, Mehdi El Ghaly and more. نضموا إلينا مع راوي القصص الأسطوري الأزاليا في منزله الثاني، ساحة جامع الفناء الشهيرة، منبع عريق لسرد القصص في المغرب. سوف يؤدي عرضه جنبا إلى جنب مع ابنته حجيبة التي سارت على خطواته في راوية قصص. كما سيتم تقديم عروض خاصة من قبل رواةCafé Clock  و Storysquad و مهدي الغالي والمزيد.  

Photography TALK

Join us in this Photography Talk with Professional Photographers from Morocco and Scotland, covering important topics about Modern Photography.

Pikala Binatna – Bicycle Stories بيكالا بيناتنا -قصص الدراجات

Pikala Binatna - Bicycle Stories  بيكالا بيناتنا -قصص الدراجات
Cafe Clock: Tour 1. 12:00 | Tour 2. 3:00 |Tour 3. 14:00 | Tour 4. 15:00 |
Love to hear a story whilst on the move? Join the Pikala Binatna, where you will hear magical Moroccan ancient tales by a Clock storyteller. Cycling together on a circler bike, the tour starts from Cafe Clock towards the tranquil Agdal gardens, we will then pass by The King's palace, and the "Musalah". The tour will arrive back in the Kasbah, where you can cool down in the cafe over a fresh mint lemonade.
Tours last approximately 35 minutes and are limited to 7 people per tour. Book early via or instagram DM. 30Dh per person (Moroccan), 60Dh (Tourist)
الجولة 1. 12:00 | جولة 2. 3:00 | جولة 3. 14:00 | جولة 4. 15:00 |مقهى Clock ما رأيك في قصة جوالة؟ انضم إلى بييكالا بيناتنا، حيث ستسمع إلى حكايات مغربية عريقة مع رواة  Clock. سنركب سويا على دراجة هوائية دائرية! تبدأ الجولة من مقهى Clock باتجاه حدائق أغدال الهادئة، وسنمر بجانب قصر الملك والمصلى. ستنتهي الجولة في القصبة، حيث يمكنك الاسترخاء في المقهى حول عصير منعش. تستغرق الجولات حوالي 35 دقيقة وتقتصر على 7 أشخاص لكل جولة. أحجـز لتجنب خيبة الأمل: 30 درهم للشخص (المغربي)، 60 درهم (السائح).

Storytelling Competition Final – مسابقة رواية القصص

Come and hear the finalists of our storytelling competition as they come together in Cafe Clock to share their stories.

تعالوا واستمعوا إلى الشباب المتأهلين لمسابقتنا المخصصة لسرد القصص، حيث سيجتمعون لمشاركة قصصهم الفريدة من نوعها.

Closing Party

Join and celebrate with us as we close the first edition of Visions & Stories in Riad Yima.

Photographers & Storytellers

Mohamed Mokhlis

Master Storyteller

Master Mohammed was born in Fez old Medina in 1948. He is one of the last storyteller masters in Morocco, having started telling stories since he was 18 years old.  Now Master Mokhlis is the leader of the Cafe Clock Storytelling programme in Fez and he loves sharing his experiences with the new storytelling generation.

Sara Kchiri

Clock Storyteller

Sara Kchiri joined the Cafe Clock Storytelling programme in 2015 after being a regular customer of the cafe. She has learned over 10 stories in Arabic and has since translated them into English, performing regularly in both languages. Her favourite story is called "lgrab" "the water seller”.

Zouhair Khaznaoui

Clock Storyteller

Zouhair has been sharing the magic of Hikayat for 3 years now in the Clock Storytelling programme. You can often see him supporting the new storytellers with their performances and his favourite thing about the ancient stories is that they carry moral messages that can be helpful in modern life. 

Ine Mariel Solbakken

StorySquad Co-Founder

Storyteller, manager and co-founder of StorySquad, a storytelling group based in Oslo, Norway. Ine Mariel's aim is to make stories more available and relevant for children and adults by incorporating music and movement together with the story.

Mohamed Koucham

Clock Storyteller

Mohammed Koucham is an English student in Marrakech and and has been part of the Clock Storytelling programme for 2 years. He is very passionate about Hikyat and loves interacting with the audience during his performances, often using humour and making people fall about in laughter!

Saskia Coulson


Saskia is a contributing photography to Getty Images, and her photographs have featured in the New York Times, BBC productions, and galleries in New York City, Copenhagen and Glasgow. She is also a Research Fellow at the University of Dundee, Scotland where she works on a range of European-wide projects.

Colin Tennant


Colin Tennant is an award-winning documentary and fine art photographer, filmmaker and videographer based in Scotland.  Throughout his career, he has travelled extensively, undertaking assignments across the globe in places such as Antartica, Papua New Guinea, Svalbard, Vanuatu and Kenya. 

Zakia Elyoubi

Clock Storyteller

Zakia Elyoubi was born and raised in Fez. She is a teacher at a local language centre and began an association that helps abandoned children in Fez called “Friends of Fez Orphans.” She has been a professional storyteller for 3 years and her motto is “Tell, tell and tell for storytelling changes the world, and if not the whole world, then your own world."
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